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  Thrashist Pigs cover
Highres version of the pic on the TP page.
Jeroen got a new toy!



  dB's 3 february 2007

Finally, a new gig. It's the best fun we had in years, first gig in years too :-) . Anyway, good crowd, fun bands, nice sound, even on stage!

Ekko someday, somemonth, someyear.
These are pics of a show in Ekko, in Utrecht, all other details are missing Embarassed
  ACU Utrecht, 2004

Some more lost and found pics. This time of a show played in Utrecht's ACU.


Recent pics, including Rik!
Not too long ago Margriet, one of our most loyal fans, took some pictures while we were rehearsing.
  dB's in Utrecht, in 2005

Lost and found! We thought these pics were gone, luckily Jeroen found them on his mobile phone so here they are!

Miscellaneous Necrotaph

All things Necrotaph that couldn't be fitted anywhere else...


  Really old pics...
Like, really old...

Pics of show in feb 2005
I distictly remember this as being a lot of fun. But that goes for all the shows we've played. If you are the photographer of these pics, let us know and I'll add your name here!
  Apollo dordrecht
Us at Apollo dordrecht in 2004. Fun to do, not many people watching the bands, at all.


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