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Weapons Of Mosh Destruction
Music to download, for FREE!
Written by Jeroen   
Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Weapons Of Mosh Destruction

Another free release. This time made using lots of tracks in cubase, you may judge for yourselves if the leap into prosumer technology was a good or a bad one. Click this to download it as 320Kbps Mp3's.

Our latest efforts have their own page right here


Thrashist Pigs

Since nobody makes much money from selling CD's anyway, and this band is mainly a hobby, we decided to release our stuff for free. This demo was recorded in our rehearsal room on a Korg 12 track harddisk recorder, the data was then copied to a PC into Kristal (a great freeware recording /mixing/mastering tool which supports VST plugins), mixed, mastered, mastered again by Bolo's uncle to give it an extra edge . For all of our music our motto is share and enjoy. These Mp3's are here for a reason, don't hesitate to spam them to everyone you know.

 Click this to go to the webpage for this demo, including the lyrics,  some more background info and a convenient zip file containing all the songs.


PROMO 2003Mulder

This promo was recorded and mixed on a harddisk recorder, which has only 4 inputs so we had to compromise. And it shows, especially in the sound quality. However, this was the first (and so far only!) thing we ever put to CD so we're still proud of it. It contained only two songs, which are both available for download right here. Feel free to share, we're ok with any non commercial uses (yes you may play it at your prom night dance too).

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