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Weapons Of Mosh Destruction
Written by Jeroen   
Monday, 07 August 2006

An Epitaph is a funeral oration, spoken 
over the grave of the recently departed. 
Epitaphs generally describe the deeds 
of the person in question, while alive.

A necrotaph, therefore, describes the deeds of a person after his death, in his afterlife, if you wish.

We are the bringers of these necrotaphs! (Oh come on, it's Metal, bear with us...)

Metal. Probably Thrash. Come listen for yourselves if you want to know for sure. See that "Audio" tag on the menubar to the left? Click it!

So who the hell are these Necrotaph bunch anyway, eh? Well, I'll keep it short for now. We started somewhere around 1997 (as in, 'last fucking century', yes) and haven't stopped yet. Necrotaph has always been more about having fun than securing a record deal and we are happy to say that we look to the future with the same ideas in our heads as we had some 8 years ago. Those being: have fun, drink some beer, make music and improve our musical abilities along the way (hence the beer).

Past names
Before we were named Necrotaph, we were named Terror, before that it was Cataract. Both names didn't quite do it for us. Besides that, other bands have taken up these names and made a name for themselves.

Necrotaph currently has four members. Bolo van Minnen, on oral noises and bass. Mulder Alesis on drums. Jeroen Veen on guitars. Rik Smeenk on guitars.



So what do we use? Lots of stuff, some of it by choice, some of it by necessity. Read below if this geeky shit interests you.

PelleFormer drummer, once referred to as 'Atlantikwal'
ShellsPelle used customly modified Pearl Export shells.
Sizes: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14" racks, 16", 18" floors. 2x 22" bassdrums.
Snare14" custom UBR maple snare with Pearl hardware.
Headsall clear Evans SD2, except Snare (coated Remo Emperor Dot, and kicks (clear Remo Powerstroke III).
SticksPellwood 2B Hickory (they are awesome!!!)
Paiste: 14" Rude line hi-hats, 14" thin Sound Formula line China Type, 16"-, 17"-, 18" Rude line Crash/Ride, Signature line Dry Heavy Ride 18" 2002 line Gobo China Type
Pelle's commentsWhat's on my wishlist is the same rig in size and numbers but then square sizes from the Pearl Masters series or Sonor Designer series (color Dark Cherry Something).  Well, as soon as I win the Lottery, I'll let you know!

Oh, and one more thing: Next time we meet I want you to be playing Pellwood, or else!!!
BassMTD 5-string bass
AmpHartke top through an Ampeg classic 4x10 cabinet
fxMXR Blowtorch bass overdrive
Bolo's commentsTied together with spectraflex cables
GuitarsPRS CE-22
AmpBogner Ubershall through a Framus 4x12 Cab.
fxBoss TU-2
Boss SD-1
Boss NS-2
Boss GE-7
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah
Rik's commentsThat's it!
GuitarsJackson RR24, Dean razorback slime bumblebee.
AmpLine6 POD XT PRO pre-amp + Tubeworks MosValve Poweramp through a 4x12 with Celestion V30's
fxDigitech whammy, Dunlop crybaby from Hell, Line6 amp sims, delays, overdrives, chorusus and noise reduction.
Jeroen's commentsFuck lightbulbs! Like you're gonna hear tube dynamics in a bloody Thrash band! Deans are AWESOME!






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